Between knowledge and drawing there is an existential causality. In the drawings of objects one can easily tell if the creator has recognized and understood the object from the interior and exterior. The qualification to implement such kind of studies is the art of perspective, of shadows, reflection and the ability to analyze correctly.

In this series of analysis the aim is not to copy a real existing objects, but to create the analytical interpretation of it and to break down the complex body into a readily identifiable, easily accessible basic structure. This should enable the viewer to have the feeling of spatially taking hold of the object himself or even keeping it in his hands. In this way, the viewer is capable to develop an understanding of the represented object in a deeper manner.

Therefore, in the following series there is not only captured what the eye sees, but the objects are apportioned, specific details are enlarged and different perspectives are integrated into the same picture. With precise and careful consideration, a lot can be learned, like for example basic geometric forms, which can be found in each object, such as the ellipse or principles of the human body.

All drawings which can be found on this website are copyrighted. Some pieces have been exhibited at different occasions. The original drawings range from 80 cm to 30 cm in width. If I could arouse your interest, please leave me a message using the contact form. My artistic graduation I have completed as an artist at the nationally recognized Muthesius Art Academy in Communication Design. I recommend this site especially to student applicants who wish to enroll at an art university and have to create a drawing portfolio for their application. I hope you enjoy browsing, if you have any questions or comments, I am pleased to hear form you.

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