planetarium show
(lenght: 30 minuts)
responsibilies: concept, storyboard, drawings, 3D modelling, 3D animation, post production
software: Autodesk 3ds Studio Max, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Network- Rendering, Digital Sky, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

The show has been produced with the Hamburg Planetarium for the Science Center Arche Nebra (http://www.himmelsscheibe-erleben.de/). It is targeted on adults interested in archaology and astronomy as well as in german history. This educational show is a classic oriented presentation of the sky disc and it‘s histrory. It also explains the development of the calender and counting of time by sky observation. The main emphasis lies in the age of bronze. The pictures to the right are giving a short insight to two scenes, the formation of the skydisc and the world how people of the bronze era saw it.

Cupola worldview

The discovery of the sky disc has caused a revolutionary rethinking among the historians regarding the worldview of the Bronze age people. The “Cupola-worldview” from the Greek named Thales of Milet generally known from 600 BC, was already disseminated among the European population much earlier. This proofs the Sky Disc of Nebra. The sky disc has been in operation for 400 years before it was enclosed into a grave approximately 1600 BC, so obviously people already from about 2000 BC to circa 1600 BC saw the Earth as a disc with a star trimmed sky above it. One can also find a barge on the sky disc, which symbolical transports the sun after the daily run overnight back to the starting point. Incidentally such a solar boat also belonged to the worldview of ancient Egypt. More information on the disc can be found here:



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