(Länge: 12 Minuten)
Responsibility: head of production, art direction, script, concept,
storyboard, drawings, 3D production, post production
Software: Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe After Effects, Network-Rendering, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

The trailer was produced in collaboration with the composer Frank Wolff, and was made possible through the cooperation with the IFM-GEOMAR Institute and the Center for Cultural and Scientific Communication (ZKW) at the University of Applied Sciences Kiel and the Muthesius Art Academy. The show is aimed at adults and young people who are interested in the ocean and its various forms of life. The film explains the viewer the fascinating world of bioluminescent organisms in the deep sea. The new approaches of knowledge transfer takes the viewer through a virtual nature space and makes him not only learn, but close experience the deep sea. On this expedition surprising and unforgettable moments can occur, such as when a bizarre and wondrous creature embraces the dome while the audience descents deeper and deeper. The goal is to make aware of the existing environmental and climatic changes and to sensitize the public, without a wagging finger. The program wants to touch one’s soul primarily with the bizarre beauty of an unknown part of the soil.

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