Touching the Edge of the Universe

Touching the Edge of the Universe is a unique European Show, produced at the Center for Culture and Science Communication (ZKW) at the Mediendom of the University of Applied Sciences Kiel on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) for a consortium of 30 planetariums.

Dive. Expedition into the Deep Sea.

The fascinating world of bioluminescent organisms of the deep sea is the main emphasis of this movie production. A new approach to knowledge transfer leads the audience through a virtual 3D nature space by diving deeper and deeper into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The audience learns about ecosystems and their habitants by a continuing explanation and most important through self-experience for example by an unexpected, sudden meeting with a bioluminescent animal.

Sky Disc of Nebra

This knowledge transfer show presents the Sky Disc of Nebra and tells its history. The film is aimed primarily at adults who are interested in archeology, astronomy and the history of Germany and Europe.

The Problem with Pluto

The story is about a little girl named Lucy who wants to find out with her mother either if Pluto is a planet or not. The main emphasis of this show is to teach children about our Solar System and its Planets. It also presents our knowledge development from the first studies of Olbers till recent discoveries of astonomical missions.

Lightning. Inside the Phenomenon

This is a 2K stereoscopic film installation for the new projection system V-Room at the Melbourne Museum. The V-Room is an octagon of eight stereoscopic displays, which reveals an inner 3D world from different perspectives. The film installation explains to 10 to 13 years old pupils the natural but dangerous phenomenon of a lightning impact.


This is a 3D Animation that was produced to be shown for the Opening Event in the Planetarium Hamburg and Mediendom Kiel. The sound was provided by the band, Fury in the Slaughterhouse. The song lyrics, was used as a basic inspiration for the visual concept of the 3D visualisation.

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