Science Communication

The highest priority is the audio-visual, scientifically accurate representation and communication of the natural phenomenon. In this process science and art form deliberately but controlled a symbiosis for a higher, emotional impact and lasting aftereffect.

3D Animation

In this category you will find 3D animation and film productions that have been produced for public programs. On each project page under "Related Links" you will get more information, for example, whether the program of interest is being performed in a planetarium near you.

2D Animation

In this section you will find works from the fields of motion graphics, web design and corporate identity. Both audio-visual and print media are here represented.


Drawing is for me since 2000 a very important discipline. Before stunning 3D animations and VFX effects come to exist, the process always starts with a pencil and a blank, white sheet of paper. What an enormous influence the drawing and later storyboard have on the final product, you can discover in this section.


This is my preferred area: Here you will find unconsumed, non-commercial, free, artistic works, which investigates a new visual language or which present a controversial topic in an unusual perspective, opening up a new horizon.


In the years 2001 to 2003, I was extensively engaged with the medium of photography. Two very nice series have evolved, which I would like to introduce in this category.