The stars under control

The infinite vastness so close: Isabella Buczek brought the show to the International Year of Astronomy into the orbit. „ Touching the edge of the Universe“ sets breathtaking accents and is being shown in over 30 planetariums around the world.

Isabella Buczek not just shoot a movie about space travel. Her show "Touching the Edge of the Universe" is using the latest full-dome technology to project images on the spectacular hemispherical firmament of planetariums. "The audience dips into the film and gets immersed by the projection to discover the beauty of scientific phenomena in a new way," says the 29-year-old communications designer. "Behind all this stands the aim to give a brider population an access to the fascinating science of astronomy, so that looking at stars would feel as much more than just looking at some illuminated dots sticking to the night sky."

In this ambitious undertaking, she maxed out with her team the computing capacity of the Kiel Mediendom (Planetarium) up to its limit: 12 terabytes of data were needed for this 3D-animated-show, which is approximately two thousand times more than for a normal feature film. The concept, realization proposal and script convinced the ESA and 30 German speaking planetariums, so that "Touching the Edge of the Universe" on the occasion of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 had been commissioned. Recently, the English version for the premiere in Birmingham - and the Spanish premiere are being developed. "An ultimate accolade" is the designer, Isabella Buczek, calling the project that she herself realized in personal union as a production manager, filming director, art director and finance chief.

In Hesse, a state of Germany, which has a special historical enrichment trough its rich diversity of castles from the last centuries, she has visited and photographed castles from the 16th till the 17th century in order to build a realistic medieval coulisse for the opening scene of Galileo Galilei at the computer. With the creation of the virtual spacecrafts and space vehicles like the Mars Rovers was her perfectionism with the detail going so far, that ESA engineers have come to Kiel to certify our virtual space vehicles in the dome." No Hollywood, in the sense of artificial sensationalism – was an important factor for the European Space Agency as equally for the filmmaker. "Finally the aim is the mediation of reality and of hard science."

Born in Szczecin, Poland, Isabella Buczek came as a six-year-old girl with her family to Germany, completed in Lübeck with specialized courses in arts and mathematics her high school and graduated in communication design at the Muthesius Art Academy in Kiel. Her companion piece she delivered in 2003 for the rock band, Fury in the Slaughterhouse, before continuing with her postgraduate studies in Melbourne and developing at the local planetarium the show, "The Problem with Pluto". Having looked with the ESA-show "Touching the Edge of the Universe" into the starry sky, she is envisioning now the other extreme: a 3-D visualization of the wonders and mysteries of the deep sea.

Last actualization: 28.08.2009

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