At her visual work and media staging science and art form together a symbiosis, doing so the most important for Isabella Buczek is an accurate despite a brain and emotion stimulating visualization of science with a retaining after effect.

For 2009 the International Year of Astronomy (IYA) Isabella produced the european filmproduction “Touching the Edge of the Universe” for the European Space Agency (ESA) and for a consortium of 30 german speaking planetaria at the University of Applied Sciences Kiel. For over a year she worked as head of production, film director and art director on the 4K production. Isabella lead a production team which involved at times up to 100 people and directed 5 actors. The movie is being shown in 30 planetarias in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England further countries like France, Spain, USA, Australia and Kanada are following.

2008 she produced with the production team at the Hamburg Planetarium a particular wonderful show  being “The Sky Disc of Nebra”. It is now still being shown at the visitor’s center Arche Nebra close by Halle, Germany where the sky disc was found.  To the project side

2007 back in Germany Isabella worked as a science visualizer and 3D designer for two years for the Hamburg Planetarium on several productions like for example a very charming, children show: “My home – our little blue planet” which got his honour being chosen as a finalist at the Domefest in Chicago 2008 and got a wonderful, enthusiastic applause from all the planetarium professionals being in the audience. To the project side

2006 with the gained experience back in Kiel, Germany on the new 360 degree system helped to get the position as a 3D artist at the Melbourne Planetarium. In this position she worked on the production “The problem with Pluto” at the Science Works Museum, Melbourne. The show was presented 2006  at the International Planetarian Society conference.

2005 Isabella Buczek produced with Arturo Rivas and Amy Buzby a 2K stereoscopic 3D animation “Lightning – Inside the Phenomenon” for the new media installation called V-Room at the Melbourne Museum.  To the project side

2004 followed by her Master studies at the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, she investigated essentially the influence of new media on today’s society and education. In her Master thesis she made her emphasis on new media tools and installations for science communication in museums. To the project side

2001-2004 she studied history of art and design, photography, layout, typography and animation at the reknown Muthesius Art Academy in Kiel focusing mainly on the moving image.

An important aspect for Isabella is to increase the classes of population who are participating in the cultural offer of planetariums also to handicapped and blind persons. Hence she supported the production of an audiodescription by the Nordteam Hörfilme e.V. for her movie “Touching the Edge of the Universe”in the German language and she hopes that further institutions will follow this path. Also blind people are able to enjoy the 360 degree visual and auditive experience in the dome. Please be aware that only 8% of blind people see a total blackness!

To reveal, emotionally resuscitate the past, to make the present research understandable and to open new windows and solutions into the future - is the vision for Isabella’s next projects.