Touching the Edge of the Universe

Touching the Edge of the Universe is a unique European Show, produced at the Center for Culture and Science Communication (ZKW) at the Mediendom of the University of Applied Sciences Kiel on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) for a consortium of 30 planetariums.

Dive. Expedition into the Deep Sea.

The fascinating world of bioluminescent organisms of the deep sea is the main emphasis of this movie production. A new approach to knowledge transfer leads the audience through a virtual 3D nature space by diving deeper and deeper into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The audience learns about ecosystems and their habitants by a continuing explanation and most important through self-experience for example by an unexpected, sudden meeting with a bioluminescent animal.

Science communication

The highest priority is the audio-visual, scientifically accurate representation and communication of the natural phenomenon. In this process science and art form deliberately but controlled a symbiosis for a higher, emotional impact and lasting aftereffect.

Urban vision

The animation "Urban Vision" is a free artistic production that attempts to demonstrate the danger of increasing virtualization of the real/physical world. It criticises the dramatically rising speed of today’s information flow and symbolizes it with abstract urban structures. The book "La vitesse de libération" by Paul Virrilio served as an inspiration for this project. Virilio is convinced that the speed at which something happens may change its essential nature.

Sky Disc of Nebra

This knowledge transfer show presents the Sky Disc of Nebra and tells its history. The film is aimed primarily at adults who are interested in archeology, astronomy and the history of Germany and Europe.