(lenght: 30 minutes)
responsibilies: concept, storyboard, drawings, 3D modelling, 3D animation, post production
software: Autodesk 3ds Studio Max, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Network- Rendering, Digital Sky, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

This show was produced with Warik Lawrance (3D Artist, Melbourne, Australia) and the Melbourne Planetarium. 

It is targeted on 11 till 15 years old pupils. The story is about a little girl named Lucy who wants to find out with her mother either if Pluto is a planet or not. The main emphasis of this show is to teach children about our Solar System and its Planets. It also presents our knowledge development from the first studies of Olbers till recent discoveries of the NASA.
To the righ two scenes are displayed: Lucy‘s room and the observation deck of the space craft. The characters are Lucy‘s friends that are presented as
avatars in the show.

With a lot of imagination a room inside a spaceship of a teenage girl in the future was designed. The left picture shows the girl's room, Lucy. There is the main lounge, where her desktop and her working environment with technical tools are placed. Those tools like for example the projection walls allow Lucy to meet her friends as avatars inside her room. In addition to the main lounge there is a sleeping chamber, and a reading and relaxation room. Within the furniture neither the cuddly teddy bear on the wall or her space suit with purple stripes should be missed.

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